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Bass Rejects – Jungle drum and bass label

Bass Rejects vinyl from 2010
Bass Rejects vinyl from 2010
Bass Rejects is the jungle drum and bass record label founded by PsychoFreud from Viking Sound. It has released both vinyl and digital since 2006, and has features artists like PsychoFreud himself, Cooh, Sunjammer, LionDub, Serial Killaz, Benny Page, and featuring singers and MC’s like Demolition Man, Top Cat, David Boomah, and many many more.

REJECT06 was PsychoFreuds first album which stood steady on first place on Junos sales charts for over 3 weeks.

Since the first vinyl releases in 2006, and a few the following years, the label now focuses mainly on digital releases, covering all the major digital outlets. In 2014 we saw the release of REJECT07, and plans are for REJECT08 to come out before the new year, with REJECT09 in january 2015. With a sister label set up (called Viking Sound, after the reggae soundsystem founded by PsychoFreud) there will also be new reggae and dub releases to be seen in stores in 2015.

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