Meet the editors

We have a strong team to start off with, dealing with different genres and topics. We strive to have some of the best people in our team, to ensure we have the best quality content on the site. Meet the editors here!

Team gathered
Anders aka PsychoFreud will deal with the jungle and reggae section. A producer and DJ, and member of Viking Sound, he will try to focus on news from the scene, and good music old and new.
Andreas aka Sunjammer is known for his melancolic and agressive music for years, and is one of the most innovative names in the hardcore/speedcore scene. He also has deep love for old and new electro, and will post also on jungle.
Eric aka Vicous E is the reggae and dancehall editor, and with his many years experience in Viking Sound, as well as creating music videos for the likes of Beenie Man, Demolition Man, and many others, he will surely have some good material to present on the site.
Sven aka Fux is the electro mastermind – he will concentrate on both old and new music, and give us the best of the best!
Is this you? We are still looking for someone to take charge of the dubstep section. If you have GOOD knowledge of dubstep, drumstep, brostep, all types of it; you have a deep love for music, and you want to write …
please apply!



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