Youthman Promotion Soundsystem

Soundsystem classic : Youthman Promotion vs Black Star

See this fantastic blast from the past, when Youthman Promotion and Black Star do their thing, back in 1986. This was truly a golden era when it came to soundsystem MC’s which set the standard for years to come. See a young Daddy Freddy representing Youthman Promotion!

The 80s brought the reggae scene a range of big artists, some of whom still inspire the music today. One example is Daddy Freddy, seen as a young man in this video, who is still very active in reggae today.

Soundsystem culture has since this era grown to cover the world, with literally hundreds of soundsystems in the US, Europe, and Asia. Even with this huge expansion over the past 20 years, many still look at the 80s soundsystems for inspiration to shape their own.

Sound Systems:
YOUTHMAN PROMOTION SOUND Selector: Major Stich mixer: Tulusie Pleasure Minott
Artist: Daddy Freddy, Tony Rebel, Daddy Shark, Dona P, Puddy Roots, Blacka T, Patrick Irie, Little Rohan, Colorman, Daddy Ants, Jim Brown, Neville Valentine
BLACK SCORPIO Selector: Tony Roots
Artist: Bruck Back,Tiger Ranking, Earl Cunnugham, Mikey Melody, Junior Briggy, Hopeton Lindo
YEAR: 1986

Youthman Promotion vs Black Star 1986
Youthman Promotion vs Black Star 1986

Youthman Promotion and Black Star, Jamaica 1986



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