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I am PsychoFreud, founder of Viking Sound of Norway. I am a jungle, reggae and hiphop producer, and I also DJ.

I started producing and playing reggae in the early 90s and didn’t use the name Vikings until Johnny Osbourne made up the name in a dubplate voicing. Vicious E joined me shortly after.PsychoFreud
Vikings Sound is one of Norways veteran sounds, founded in the late 90’s.
The two main members are selecta and producer PsychoFreud and selecta DJ Vicious-E.
The soundsystem also incorporates several MC’s from Vikings’ brother soundsystem Knowledge & Wisdom. Viking Sound runs two record labels, one reggae outlet running the same name – and Bass Rejects focusing mainly on jungle drum and bass.

The soundsystems name was given by reggae legend Johnny Osbourne, in an early dubplate session, and the members chose to stick with it.

Viking Sounds main base is in Oslo Norway, where they have a countless amount of frequent shows.
They have toured the world several times over, and have frequent shows all around Europe. The sound do however have members and partners all over the world.

Viking Sounds latest member, Enjöy Tribe Mönster, is a producer and DJ spreading the Viking love from Mexico.

After Vikings started working as a team rather than being a one-man project, it has grown to be a known sound all around the world covering several music genres, like reggae, dancehall and jungle music.

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